Whilst undergoing my computer science path in Codecademy, I was tasked to complete a final project for the first half of the CS101 course. It could be any text-based game of my choosing, and so I underwent the challenge of building a blackjack game… “how difficult could it be.” I said to myself. Turns out I was a fool to think such things, but that wouldn’t be a first for me. 😅

My first challenge was to first write up pseudocode to anyone who doesn’t know what that is, to put it simply it’s basically deconstructing into words what an…

The Game download for those who already know how to run Python is at the following link: here

You will see the “blackjack.py” python file to run inside the folder.

To any experienced coders out there reading this, I’d like a review of my code if possible on my GitHub repo. I’ve also set up a discussion section if you wish to ask any questions or point out any alterations in my code. My GitHub: here

Right now down to the tutorial…

Step 1 | Download Python:

To those that don’t know, Python is a coding language that allows us humans to speak to machines…

Philip R. Worswick

Programmer & problem solver: Career interests in data science and full-stack development, personal interests in spare time on game development and AI learning.

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